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Co-op Connection Card

Co-op Connection Card

Who doesn't like to save $$$?  The Co-op Connections Card will help you do this.

This is one of the advantages to being a LYREC member.  As a member, you will recieve a card for you to use as you wish.  If you did not recieve a card please feel free to contact our office to get your card.

One of the biggest advantages of this savings card is the pharmacy discount.  This is not insurance, but if you insurance does not pay on a prescription, you may be able to use this card to ge a discounted rate on your prescription.  Your card cannot be used in conjunction with your insurance. Anyone in your household can use the card.  You can use the card an unlimited amount of times.  The best part about this card is it is FREE to our memebers and you do not have to complete any additional paperwork to use this card.  Simply carry it with you and present it the next time you go to the pharmacy and let it work its magic.  If you would like to see if your pharmacy accepts this card, go to  

If you would like to see the businesses which accept this card, visit  Remember, when traveling this card can save you money.  


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