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2017 Annual Meeting Highlights

The 81th LYREC annual meeting was held at the Event Center at the Richland County Fairgrounds on June 1, 2017.  Dennis Nelson representing District 5 ran unopposed and was unanimously elected to a three-year term. Allen Thiessen representing District 7 ran unopposed and was also unanimously elected to another three-year term. The nominated incumbents for District 6 were Lynette Ruffatto and Greg Rauschendorfer. The membership elected Greg Rauschendorfer for another three-year term.  Congratulations to Dennis, Greg and Allen. 

One of the most exciting parts of the evening was the drawings held for the "luck-of-the-draw" scholarships. This year every eligible student who signed up during the annual meeting was awarded a scholarship.  That is a total of 39 $1,000 scholarships.  The scholarship recipients included: 

Chelsea Gatzke, Grace Dragseth, Rachel Prevost, Emily Carda, Jerren Jensen, Abbey Ries, Lexi Berube, Chantel Wilcoxon, Jared Steinbeisser, Bailee Fink, Eathan Carda, Austin Strickland, Bree Stickland, Lexi Joslin, Madison Thiessen, Logan Peterson, Emma Skov, Jenna Bieber, Alex Wicks, Katie Rice, Abby Rice, Cara Clemmer, Brady Bell, Shelby Reidle, Renee Granada, Wyatt Cayer, Cody Johnson, Cade Strasheim, Troy Monsen, Kelvin Hill, Michael McGinnis, Chris Gartner, Garret Leland, Danny Johnson, Jacob Rosaaen, Tucker Lien, Justin Bieber, Faith Vitt, and Reagan Finsaas.  

Congratulations to all of the scholarship winners!

If you did not make it to this years meeting, we hope to see you next year.  The 2018 meeting will be held at the Event Center at the Richland County Event Center on June 6th!

Additional Scholarship Winners

Soda Rice won the Youth Tour to Washington, D.C contest. 

Trey Bloesser and Chantel Wilcoxon won the Basin Electric Power Cooperative Scholarship.

Congratualtions Soda, Chantel and Trey!

Thank you to everyone that applied for the scholarships. We wish you all a "bright" future!



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